Leadership Essentials

What is a leader?  How does one become a leader?

These are common questions, but my approach in this short brief will focus more on some of the core competencies that leaders need to possess.

I designed and delivered a Leadership Development Program for ACEC of Tennessee in 2008 and I focused the program on 12 core areas that relate well to the engineering leadership world.  The competencies and their description are shown below.

Section 1 Building Self Awareness-Knowing yourself and others

Section 2 Conflict Resolution-Methods to success

Section 3 Negotiation Skills-Learning how to Succeed and Maintain relationships

Section 4 High Performance Teams-Building and Maintaining

Section 5 Coaching-Finding ways to help others succeed

Section 6 Delegation and Empowerment-Achieving success without doing it all yourself

Section 7 Change-Coming to grips with the fact that there will always be something new to deal with

Section 8 Career Management-Learning more about where you want to go and why

Section 9 Stress Management-Enjoying the journey and being successful at the same time

Section 10 Communication Skills-Becoming more effective in getting your message conveyed

Section 11 Personal Management-Becoming more effective at managing your life and your meetings

Section 12 Strategic and Business Planning-Failing to plan may mean planning to fail


What do you think of this list?  Are there any competencies you would add, or subtract?

I look forward to your input!

RYAN SC Final_medium


About Dan Ryan

Ryan Search & Consulting provides Talent Acquisition, Talent Development and Succession Strategy solutions in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Industrial and Healthcare markets. Come learn more about our firm at http://ryansearch.net
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2 Responses to Leadership Essentials

  1. Robert Schwartz says:

    That’s a clear, complete summary, Dan. Thanks! I wish I’d sat in on your presentation. The only area I found missing relates to the needed ability of a leader to establish the overarching vision or mission of the organization and, thereafter, to inspire various stakeholders to want to help to achieve that vision. A leader uses the competencies you list as various means or tactics to achieve this end rather than as ends in and of themselves. Put another way, the skills above seem to me to be exclusively “process” in nature rather than “outcome” in nature. Then, again, maybe establishing the corporate vision/mission falls under #12 (planning). Thanks, again! Bob

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