IBM Workers To Receive Federal Aid — InformationWeek

Workers laid off from IBM’s operations in Connecticut on behalf of The Hartford insurance company are eligible to receive benefits under the government’s Trade Adjustment Assistance program, according to a notice published Monday in the Federal Register.

Under the program, the workers can get government subsidized training for new jobs, income supplements, healthcare tax credits, and other benefits.

The Hartford began paring down its IT staff after outsourcing a number of tech and back office jobs to IBM in 2007. 110 IT staffers were initially let go, and IBM subsequently laid off a number of former Hartford workers that were transferred to Big Blue under the outsourcing deal as the company moved a number of the positions offshore.

The Department of Labor’s ruling that Hartford and IBM workers are eligible for TAA benefits applies to those who lost their jobs on August 27, 2009.

via IBM Workers To Receive Federal Aid — InformationWeek.

It is interesting to see how expansions of this aid have taken place.  Many will think of this kind of aid only in  manufacturing or production types of settings, but here is an example of how knowledge workers have been affected by “offshoring” of work.


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