How Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have changed the world

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook less than 10 years ago on the campus of Harvard as a 19 year old student.  He is the Time man of the year in 2010.  What an amazing story!

You can read the entire story by clicking here, but just consider these statistics:

  • over one half billion people are members of Facebook
  • it exists in over 75 languages
  • almost half of the members log in every day
  • the age spread has quickly gone from only 20 and 30-something’s to a much wider age distribution
  • the open source code allows others to write applications that mesh with Facebook quite easily

facebook button

Facebook is an amazing phenomenon that is right in the middle of the Social Media revolution, and I do mean revolution.

Stay tuned for more here on how Social Networks are changing the basic nature of business.

Mark Zuckerberg, congratulations!



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