INSTANT MBA: Avoid The Rock Stars And Hire Someone You Like

Today’s lesson comes from Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, a digital creative agency.

“I’m looking for people I like, because I’ve seen how, no matter how talented they are, the negative is always going to pull down any positive. The second- or third- or fourth-best candidate who isn’t a jerk is going to ultimately provide way more value. Because we learned that early on, we’ve always guarded against that sort of rock-star culture.

via INSTANT MBA: Avoid The Rock Stars And Hire Someone You Like.

While I find this to be an interesting philosophy, I would not subscribe to it in every circumstance.

Some people are just good at getting along with others.  That is truly an important factor, but getting along is not the SOLE factor I would use to make the final decision.

Right Experience-Right References-Right Demeanor.

If you can get the three rights, you will probably not go wrong.


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